Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Hsg, Metformin, IUI

Wow things have been super crazy for us things are moving so fast with the RE,school, holidays and work that i have just now had time to breath and write. We had our first real appointment with the RE on december 14th i went in and had a bunch of blood drawn for the first of the month and had a TVU (transvaginal Ultrasound) at that appointment we discussed what we were going to do next month when AF showed again. Our plan is Femera days 3-7 , bloodwork day 3 and ultrasounds to monitor my follicles process and when my follicles mature we will trigger and do and IUI. At the appointment we also planned for my HSG the following friday so i had that done on the 21st along with my hubbys SA.

HSG. was not as bad as i thought it was going to be. i had heard some horror stories and i was absolutely scared crapless for the procedure. I had some bloodwork drawn right before the test and thenthe nurse came in did the speculum which was really the only thing that hurt. inserted the cathedar which the only thing ifelt was some pressure. I didnt remember to take my ibuprofen before buti didnt need it. the doctor came in pushed the contrast dye through, told me everything looked good and did another TVU to look for polyps and cysts and told me everything  looked good and sent over the metformin to the pharmacy that we talked about before.

MET. i havent started it yet i figured i would start it after christmas sincei knew i would be eating badly and didnt want to spend my whole holiday on the toilet..

where do we go fromhere?? well i have to wait for AF to come again which will be around january 13th and then we willbe able to start over and be monitored which i just cannot wait for. meanwhilei need to keep busy and try not to drive myself and hubby insane.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Reproductive Endocronologist

I had a phone consult the day after we get back from our vacation we talked about alot of things. first off family history which is a given but i do not know alot about since im adopted. weight, yeah yeah i know sick of hearing about that no matter how much i lose it wont be good enough. doctor said i have to lose another 75 pounds on top of the 35 ive already lost. so thats a work in progress. next we talked about options and first he kept trying to shove injectables at me and i told him that i dont want to just start off with injectables that i would like to at least try another medicated cycle with trigger and that i would actually like to be monitored which is something that my OB was not doing.

here is what i got from the consult, first of all i have to have all of my bloowork sent over from my Ob's office. i just went today and had the rest of the bloodwork that the OB said the RE would want me to have done. I should have results friday and then friday i will call the OB and have all of my records forwarded.

next i will have to have an HSG done and hubby will need to do another SA and i will also have to do whatever other tests that the RE requires for me to do. i think that the only thing that i will have to have done is the cystic fibrosis test that my OB said was to expensive for me to have it done in the hospital labratory.

after that depending on what the bloodwork and tests say we will hopefully start metformin and schedule the first IUI. I am hoping everything happens good and that all of my bloodwork comes back fast and that we can schedule the IUI come january because i dont want to take to long of a break.

i guess thats really it. today is cd28 hoping for AF to start tomorrow but not going to get my hopes up because when im not medicated i wait about 2 months with no AF.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Another failed cycle..and a tiny break.

Well af came on day 17 last month so obviously it was a failed cycle for us. we have been on a fertility break since i have last written i have also been to the OB and we have talked alot of things over and decided that i had to graduate from OBGYN to a RE (reproductive endocronologist fertility dr)

the OB is sending me for a bunch of bloodwork that i will have to have done because it will be free for me to have it done through her office because of my care plan that i have. so that will save us some money.

a couple of things we have to have done i have priced out are an HSG and hubbys SA . the hospital through my OB's wanted about $1000 dollars to do these tests for us so i called the RE's to get a price and they are only going to charge us $275 which is a totally lower price and something that we will be able to afford.

Our little break. we had decided that we will be on a TTC break until we can get all amped for the first cycle with an RE. We actually took an AMAZING vacation from the last week of november until yesterday we just got home. We took a cruise to florida and the bahamas and honestly i think that right now a break is exactly what we needed. i feel mentally and emotionally ready for our next cycle whenever it may be we will be ready for it.

still not doing any type of monitoring i have quit cold turkey til we will be able to go back to TTCing believe me it was the hardest but best possible thing for us. quitting TTCing is like quitting ciggarettes or drugs for me (ive done neither just wanted to paint how hard it is)

so thats the update for now will write about my RE consult that we had this morning in the next entry i will leave you with a picture of our trip!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

On my way to another failed month

So i am pretty sure that we are done already this month before we really even got to start.im cd 17 and i started to bleed heavily today i dont know if its af coming 11 days early or if there is something else that is going on. hubby said that if it persists into tomorrow imon strict orders to call the obgyn and see if they can figure out what is going on with me. I am scared to call her though because this has happened to me before midcycle bleeding and she told me that if it ever happened to me again that i would have to have laproscopic and hysteroscopy surgery to go in and see if there is something wrong more than what the ultrasounds have seen.
in other news we are trying to not trying but not preventing method on our next cycle. hubby has already taken my opk's and hpt's away from me he said he is sick of seeing me rely on a stick to tell me something. so this next cycle i am not going to take the femera i am going all natural if my body does what its supposed to do thats great but if not thats okay since we are going on a cruise to the bahamas and we aregoing to be doing alot to not even have time to stress about it.
how does my chart look so far??

my temps are still really low and thats another reason why i know that there is no possible way that i have ovulated this month because usually after i ovulate my temps stay between 97.5 and 98+. in normal women cycles the days following O are significantly higher then your temps at the beggining of the month.
whats next??
me and dh have decided that when we get back from our vacation we will call a fertility specialist that we have been looking at and see about getting ready to do an iui with trigger. hoping for the best. i guess thats all for me for now i go to the OB in 8 days so i will find out more about whats going on maybe?

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Failure 2.0

Another month, another failure. This month we did the same thing as last medications cd 3-7 and opk's i knew that i didnt ovulate this month  because i never got a positive i only had a near positive that never went fully positive. But looking at my temping chart it told me that i had so i went a head and for giggles went and had my progesterone drawn any way.

By looking at my chart it says that i would have ovulated on day 13 it would make since for me since i had my near positive on cd 11 and had lots of cramping but like i said i went and had my bloodwork done anyway on what i thought was 8DPO and i got it back a couple of days later and my levels were only 6.4 for a medicated cycle the doctor likes to see 15 and above so it means i did not ovulate.

The only thing that was okay this month was the fact that af came on cd 25 which it usually does not come til cd 28 if i ovulate and if i dont ovulate i usually will go to cd 45 with no af so i am very thankful that this medicating is regulating me.

Im just trying to think of the positives about this cycle ending negatively and this is what ive come up with. first off i can continue to diet, next i can workout and not have limits and lastly i wont be throwing up when we go on vacation ina couple of weeks.

well til next time(which will be tomorrow)

Friday, October 12, 2012


Second cycle of femera was a failure. Its been a hard thing for me to write this entry because that means that i have to actually admit that my body has failed me yet again. Guess i will give the details on what went wrong and what went right about this cycle.
First off lets start with what went right. on cycle day 14 i had to have an internal ultrasound done. I hate these it always hurts me so badly because my ovaries are so high up and it is always hard for them to find my right one. After about 20 of the technician searching for is she told me i had 2 dominant follicles on the left side and no action on the right. I was so happy because ive never been told ive had follicles before so i was pretty hopeful!
a couple days later i got my almost positive ovulation test which was so exciting and stressful for me at the same time because i feel like the test should have gotten darker than it did.

i was so beside myself with excitement for this opk! i had decided that this cycle i was going to temp so that i could keep track and know when i definatly ovulated. five days after this opk my temps rose for three days in a row like it was supposed to.
you can see that on cd 19 my temp skyrocketed and stayed up for more than three ways like it was supposed to. still our BD time was off so i know that is where we failed this cycle.
on cd 26 i went and had my blood drawn for progesterone to see if i definatly ovulated or not. on cd 27 i had to go to the ob to talk about what we did this cycle and for my test results. i was worried that i wasent going to get the results because the technician that did my bloodwork said that they wouldnt have results for 3 days. I was super excited when i got my results they confirmed what i already knew fromthe Opk  and the temping i definatly ovulated which would make this cycle my first confimed ovulating cycle.
On a medicated cycle the doctors like to see a 15 and above mine was a 20.5 not to shabby!
on cd 33 af came all on her own. i really thought that i was pregnant but now looking back i realize that it waas pretty niave of me to think that i would get pregnant the first cycle my body cooperated.
so what went wrong?? we definatly didnt do things when we should have.
well now onto a new cycle. what am i doing differently?? i plan on doing pinapple core 3dpo-7dpo (assuming i ovulate) im taking prenatals, reducing stress levels and continuing to eat goodand working out.

Monday, September 24, 2012

From the Beggining

So as my title of my blog states i am infertile. This blog will be used to keep track of our journey. I guess i will start at the beggining of our journey.
4 Years ago on may 20th i started dating the love of my life and my best friend. It didnt take long for us to realize that we were going to be together and that we wanted to start a family. I never had a thought in my mind that i wouldnt be able to concieve i just thought well it cant be that hard everyone else makes it look so easy. A year went by and we didnt understand what we were doing wrong, we did anything you could think of short of standing on my head.
A few months later we got married and thats when we decided it would be a good idea for me to get checked out to see if there was something wrong with me. I had all of the tests done that i was told i needed and my husband was checked as well. He was good and i was told if i lost some weight that there was no reason why i wouldnt be able to concieve but was given a medication to help us out a little bit. CLOMID is a drug that is supposed to help you ovulate. I used this medication for two months and didnt see any change in my cycle. in the midst of that we lost our insurance so my baby dreams were put on hold for a while.
About a year ago we got our insurance back and 30 pounds lost later i found myself back in the same OBGYN office just to be told that if i wasent going to lose any weight that there was nothing that they were going to do for me. I was absolutely devastated i didnt understand why i was being treated so horrible after i put so much effort to lose weight. I found a new OBGYN and i was excited to get everything back on track only to find out that it was going to be another dead end the new OBGYN decided that my case was to complex for her so she immediatly reffered me to IVF.
Six months later i was told about an amazing OBGYN that my sister in law was going to. i was very skeptical like you could believe because we had been burned so many times. We made the appointment we had to wait two months to just get in to see her. Immediatly i was sent for any blood test possible to find out what was going on with me. in the meanwhile i was put back on clomid and was closely monitored to make sure it didnt cause cysts. after the first month of medication i found out what was really wrong with me i was diagnose with PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome) for lack of better words it basically means that i do not ovulate which means that i do not get a regular period and i get cysts that can burst at anytime.
After 3 months of clomid my body did not even try and respond to the medication i was feeling so defeated. My OBGYN decided that i would change medications and go to Femera. The first month  on femera i got my first positive ovulation test but when i went for bloodwork it was unconfirmed.
This month is my second month of femera and my body did the unthinkable i actually ovulated.... now that we are caught up to date my next post will be about this cycle and my OB appointment from last week.