Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Hsg, Metformin, IUI

Wow things have been super crazy for us things are moving so fast with the RE,school, holidays and work that i have just now had time to breath and write. We had our first real appointment with the RE on december 14th i went in and had a bunch of blood drawn for the first of the month and had a TVU (transvaginal Ultrasound) at that appointment we discussed what we were going to do next month when AF showed again. Our plan is Femera days 3-7 , bloodwork day 3 and ultrasounds to monitor my follicles process and when my follicles mature we will trigger and do and IUI. At the appointment we also planned for my HSG the following friday so i had that done on the 21st along with my hubbys SA.

HSG. was not as bad as i thought it was going to be. i had heard some horror stories and i was absolutely scared crapless for the procedure. I had some bloodwork drawn right before the test and thenthe nurse came in did the speculum which was really the only thing that hurt. inserted the cathedar which the only thing ifelt was some pressure. I didnt remember to take my ibuprofen before buti didnt need it. the doctor came in pushed the contrast dye through, told me everything looked good and did another TVU to look for polyps and cysts and told me everything  looked good and sent over the metformin to the pharmacy that we talked about before.

MET. i havent started it yet i figured i would start it after christmas sincei knew i would be eating badly and didnt want to spend my whole holiday on the toilet..

where do we go fromhere?? well i have to wait for AF to come again which will be around january 13th and then we willbe able to start over and be monitored which i just cannot wait for. meanwhilei need to keep busy and try not to drive myself and hubby insane.

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